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CIBIL Services

Credit Information Reports (CIR):

    • Individual Reports: Comprehensive records of an individual’s credit history, including loan accounts, credit cards, and payment patterns.
    • Commercial Reports: Detailed reports on businesses, including their credit relationships, outstanding debt, and repayment history.

Credit Scores:

    • Personal Credit Scores: A numerical representation of an individual’s creditworthiness, based on their credit history.
    • Commercial Credit Scores: Scores that reflect the creditworthiness of businesses.

Credit Monitoring:

    • Continuous Monitoring: Alerts and updates on changes to credit reports, helping individuals and businesses stay informed about their credit status.
    • Identity Theft Protection: Monitoring for signs of identity theft and fraudulent activity.

Data Analytics and Insights:

    • Market Trends Analysis: Insights into credit market trends and consumer behavior.
    • Risk Management Solutions: Tools to help lenders assess risk and make informed lending decisions.

Debt Recovery Services

Debt Collection:

  • Consumer Debt Recovery: Services to recover overdue payments from individual borrowers.
  • Commercial Debt Recovery: Focused on recovering debts owed by businesses.

Debt Management:

    • Account Management: Detailed tracking and management of delinquent accounts.
    • Negotiation Services: Working with debtors to negotiate repayment plans or settlements.

Legal Support:

    • Legal Action: Assistance with the legal processes involved in debt recovery, including filing lawsuits and obtaining judgments.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring all debt recovery activities comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Consultation and Strategy:

    • Recovery Strategy Development: Crafting effective strategies tailored to the specific needs of creditors.
    • Financial Advisory: Offering advice on improving credit management and reducing future bad debts.
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